Mr. Mark Dain



Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer at HolidayTaxis Group (March 2019 to June 2020 — 1y 4m)

Software Engineer at Thermeon Worldwide (Sep 2018 to Feb 2019 — 6m)
A remote backend role working purely in Go. I was in charge of adding support to Thermeon’s car rental management platform to integrate with Amadeus. This work was deployed onto Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) by way of Helm releases managed by Flux.

Software Engineer at Infinity (Feb 2018 to Sep 2018 — 8m)
Working in PHP and Go in a pure backend role to build internal APIs and tools powering the Infinity Call Tracking platform, the number one call tracking platform in the UK.

My work focused on adding new RESTful APIs, increasing code coverage, improving documentation, and working on a plan to rewrite the import system; job server that manages thousands of jobs a day from Beanstalk queues, from PHP to Go in order to increase throughput.

Information Security Manager at Tremolo Software (Sep 2017 to Feb 2018 — 6m)

Software Engineer at Tremolo Software (Jul 2014 to Feb 2018 — 3y 8m)
A full stаck frontend (НТМL, СSS, and JаvaScript) and backend (PHP) role with a focus on security. I worked on the socialondemand platform, a B2B enterprise platform for social media amplification, custom partner newsletters, and internal portals. Customers included Adobe and Microsoft.